Welcome to Aging in Reverse!


This is Age-Reversology where the intention is to be a disruptive agent for all limitations and limitation-based beliefs about aging.


I’m Coach Austin.  It is my pleasure to share research that opens new possibilities for longevity and reversing your biological age with you. You can expect three things here.

I advocate “The Reversology Lifestyle”. This is a collection of habits that will allow you to look and feel younger than your biological age. These habits reduce the risk of deadly diseases. I will provide the background science that supports these habits. You will also receive “how to instructions.”

I also offer age-reversal coaching posts to assist you in aging on your own terms. You will learn about best practices and get coaching tips on reaching your goals.

I’m excited that you are here!

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Coach Austin

Coach Austin of age-reverso;ogy.com

May you live 100 years in Peace and Prosperity

Coach Austin