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How to Reverse Aging Naturally: the Reversology Strategy

By Coach Austin

Can we really reverse aging naturally and avoid losing our health, our brainpower and our zest for life?

Is this “reverse aging” talk just hype?

I have good news. Scientists have already achieved age reversal in animal test subjects. The data demonstrated a reversal of age-related declines in health, ability, and appearance. Human trials are already underway in several studies.

Scientists commonly accept the idea that a human lifespan of 115 years will become the norm globally and the requirements for a 150-year lifespan will be discovered in the next two to three decades.

We can reverse our biological age!

The discussion of reverse aging is backed with positive research data.

We have successful scientific research involving slowing, reversing and eliminating aging is directed towards developing drugs or medical treatments. Two branches of science, epigenetics and quantum physics, support our ability to reverse our age naturally.

The research has verified the effectiveness of certain lifestyle elements that can reverse a person’s biological age.

Epigenetics: Tells us that genes are tendencies that may be turned on or off and the environment that we provide for our gene is a reliable determinant of what gene expression will be. We have multiple examples that the presence of a genetic tendency to a disease can be prevented by creating a cellular environment that turns off genetic expression.

Quantum Mechanics: Everything, including us, is part of a “Unified Field of Infinite Possibility” connecting everything to everything else. Thoughts can become things and energy can be transformed into matter. Belief can shape reality. This fact gives us incredible power. We have the power to prevent disease, rejuvenate our bodies and to live long productive and fulfilling lives,


The Reversology Strategy approaches biological age reversal through a  Mind*Body* Spirit lifestyle.


Reversology Strategy: the Mind

The Reversology Strategy cultivates and increases:

1. Thoughts of things to look forward to and

2. Thoughts that support feelings of worthiness,

3. Thoughts that support the feeling of being empowered,

4. Thoughts that support the feeling of gratitude

5. Thoughts that support the feeling of generosity.

The mental framework will constantly envision something to live for and will attract new experiences of how good life is.

Reversology Strategy: the Spirit

The Reversology Strategy has us:

1. Declare the values that we own and strive to live by.

2. Create a framework for our relationships with others.

3. Determine how our life will be a contribution.

These steps allow us to set personal terms for our lives and qualify ourselves as a beneficial presence.

Reversology Strategy: the Body

The body part of the strategy begins with protecting the body from the “Deadly Quintet” of diseases that are prone to victimize us as we age. As we get older, the need for disease prevention becomes critical.   Statistically, a sixty-year-old is a thousand times more likely to suffer from these diseases than a thirty-year-old.

The Deadly Quintet:

1. Cancer

2. Heart disease

3. Respiratory Disease

4. Diabetes

5. Dementia

We become susceptible to the “Deadly Quintet” when an accumulation of cellular damage results in poor cellular performance.  When our cells are healthy, our immune system prevents these diseases. Our cells only require five things to maintain health.

The Reversology Lifestyle makes sure our cells have what they need.


Our Cells Require Adequate:

          1. Hydration

          2. Nutrition

          3. Respiration

          4.  Elimination

          5.  Relaxation

Adequate Cellular Hydration

The guideline of drinking eight glasses of water per day is fine if you weigh about 140 pounds. The more you weigh, the more water is needed to hydrate your cells.

The Reversology Strategy includes drinking an ounce of water for every kilogram of weight. You can convert your weight in pounds to kilograms Here

Example:187 Pounds = 84.82 Kilograms or 85 ounces of water per day.

It is not just about the quantity of water we drink. The water we drink has to enter the cell for the cell to become hydrated.

Cells are surrounded by a cell wall that is a double layer of lipid or oily membrane. Oil and water do not mix. It is slow and difficult for water to move through these fatty membranes. Water containing electrolytes passes through cell walls more easily.

Electrolytes are minerals in your body that have an electric charge. They are in your blood, urine, tissues, and other body fluids. The electric charge allows the minerals to pass through the cell wall and bring water in with them.

Electrolytes help:

Balance the amount of water in your body

Balance your body’s acid/base (pH) level

Move nutrients into your cells.

Move wastes out of your cells

Make sure that your nerves, muscles, the heart, and the brain work the way they should.

To make sure that your cells are getting hydrated and the water that you drink doesn’t just flow through, drink a cup of electrolyte water in the morning afternoon and evening. (More details here)

Adequate Cellular Nutrition:

To give our cells the nutrition that they require means providing the nutrients from protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals as well as avoiding foods that contribute to premature aging.

There are dozens of diets and eating guidelines that cover the spectrum from plants only, vegan and vegetarian, to paleo and ketogenic which emphasize eating meats and fats.

It is not difficult to select healthy foods that can provide most of the nutrients our cells need once we eliminate the foods that may cause us problems without our knowledge. To establish a starting point for our individual age reversal diet we avoid certain foods for thirty days to determine if these foods are having a negative impact.

We establish cellular nutrition with a thirty-day period where we eat meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and natural fats and avoid sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, and dairy. Is called the Whole 30 Program. The Whole30 program is essentially an elimination diet that removes certain foods from your diet for 30 days.

The foods we avoid for thirty days could be causing triggering an immune response. Eating foods that activate the immune system leads to chronic inflammation which plays a role in several diseases and health concerns. During the thirty days, our bodies heal from any inflammation and we become aware of those foods which do not support our healing but lead to premature aging.

You can download the program guidelines here: Whole 30 Program Guidelines.

Adequate Cellular Respiration

When we hear the term “respiration” we think of breathing, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide When the oxygen we breathe in is used in cellular respiration it becomes part of an energy manufacturing process.

Cellular respiration is the process in which your cells use oxygen to produce ATP energy. The process is simple. Your body obtains oxygen from the ambient air you breathe. The oxygen in your body is used to break down food and create the fuel for your muscles called ATP.

Exercise increases the rate of cellular respiration. Consistent exercise increases the overall efficiency of cellular respiration. Exercise uses up the ATP stored in muscles and creates a demand for fresh ATP production.

Consistent exercise improves cellular respiration, muscle energy levels and the efficiency of all body systems.

The Reversology Lifestyle uses a twenty-minute three times a week exercise program called the Old School New Body program. The four exercises provide maximum body conditioning and rapid improvement in fitness in a very short time. (My first two-week results researching the Old School New Body program not only improved cellular respiration but also helped lose weight, gain strength and overall energy.) More details are available here.

Adequate Cellular Elimination

Cellular elimination refers to moving cellular waste products out of the cell wall. Our cells have the cellular equivalents of the garbage disposal and recycling units. These cellular organelles break down waste proteins to reuse protein parts or reduces waste material small enough to pass through the cell wall.

Our cells become less efficient at removing waste as we age. The accumulation of cellular wastes is a major contributor to “the Deadly Quintet.” Periodic fasting promotes the death of inefficient cells. When nutrition becomes abundant after the fast, stem cells trigger the production of new cells that have no degradation.

The Reversology Lifestyle incorporates structured periodic fasts to promote adequate cellular elimination and to jump-start biological age reversal at the cellular level. Fasting schedules and requirements are subject to individual health goals and challenges.

Adequate Cellular Relaxation

Adequate Cellular Relaxation has to do with the body moving into deep sleep long enough for cells to do the work of growth and repair. This repair work happens in the second and third phases of a sleep cycle.

Each phase of the sleep cycle is either the NREM phase, or Non-REM sleep, or a REM phase or “Rapid Eye Movement”. The first four phases are NREM and the last phase is REM where dreaming occurs.

The first phase is when you are just drifting off to sleep and can wake up easily. The second stage is the fairly light sleeping that is ideal for a “power nap.”

The critical third and fourth phases are the deep NREM sleep modes that allow for extensive cellular repair and growth activity. The brain releases HGH, Human Growth Hormone, at this point and conditions are ideal cellular repair. This is when the body repairs muscles and tissues, stimulates growth and development, boosts immune function, and builds up energy for the next day.

We dream during the last phase and this is when the brain organizes memories and knowledge gained during the day.

A complete sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes. Our cells require five complete sleep cycles nightly to complete a day’s repair work. That means a minimum of 7.5 hours of sleep nightly.

Our circadian rhythm also plays a significant role in longevity and age reversal. Circadian rhythm is the internal clock that regulates the body’s sleep and wake cycles over a 24-hour time period.

Research reveals that circadian rhythms have an important influence on energy and fitness levels, as well as the functioning of essential bodily processes. A healthy circadian rhythm is linked to longevity, reduced stress levels, and a strong metabolism. Regularly falling asleep before midnight will keep us in sync with our natural circadian rhythm.

The Reversology Lifestyle supports adequate Cellular Relaxation by getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep nightly and maintaining a before midnight bedtime.

Coaching Conclusion

Science backs up the effectiveness of the Reversology Lifestyle.  As a coach, my job is to help clients reach their goals. So it becomes my job to advise you not to change everything in one day when your goal is to “look and feel younger. ”

Making some changes is as simple as a soldier executing an “about face.” Lifestyle changes are usually not so simple.

Imagine the time and space required for an Ocean Liner at sea to head in the opposite direction. That may be a better picture of what changing your lifestyle is like. The important thing is to begin.

Each part of the Reversology Lifestyle Strategy reinforces and increases the effectiveness of the other parts. I suggest that you begin an aspect of the lifestyle that makes sense for you. You will experience encouraging results when you remain consistent.

Play with the ideas and suggestions listed in the Mind and Spirit sections. Next, master one of the conditions necessary for healthy cells.  Your success will set the stage for the next condition for healthy cells to master.

We can literally tap this Mind/Body connection to help us look and feel decades younger than our biological age.

The spiritual power of what we believe is more powerful than our thoughts for shaping and controlling the experiences of our lives.

If reversing your age is something that is calling to you, please let me know if you have questions or would like assistance in the comments below.

Mar 02

Reverse Aging Research: Fresh Results

By Coach Austin



Recent reverse aging research projects are reporting strong indicators of success. This is true of several scientific approaches to extending life and slowing the aging process. Researchers who study aging accept that extending the human lifespan to age 115 is likely.

Earlier reverse aging research taught us that our lifestyle habits could help us add years to our lives. We cannot be certain we will live longer but we can see our improvement in the mirror after a few weeks.

Scientists design experiments to significantly increase the lifespan of animals.  They intend to apply the discoveries that work to human beings. There is a buzz of excitement around several experiments with mice, flies, and worms because they show strong indicators of longevity success.

1. Researchers proved that caloric restriction could extend the lifespan of rats by 50%. This was a landmark discovery because it proved longevity could be extended artificially.

2, Scientists also observed that chilled flies live longer than flies living in normal conditions. The theory explaining this has something to do with colder temperatures slowing metabolism.

3. In 1983 Michael Klass discovered that the nematode worm C. elegans could be manipulated to live longer. Later, Cynthia Kenyon of the University of California, San Francisco has extended these worms’ lives up to 10 times.

These initial breakthroughs indicated that it could be possible to intervene with aging scientifically.
The challenge has been converting the success with animals to humans.

A Decade Long Explosion of Positive Indicators

Several studies have reached the point in successful outcomes that they have started or are ready to begin human trials.

Breakthrough with Adult Stem Cells

1. Researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California reprogramed the cells of aging mice by using induced pluripotent cells. A pluripotent stem cell is a cell that can develop into any of the cell types that make up the body. Embryonic stem cells are considered pluripotent. As the embryo grows, its cells become specialized and lose the ability to become any kind of cell. Researchers found that the mice in this study whose cells had been reprogrammed lived 30% longer than the non-reprogrammed control group.

Scientists induced stem cells from adult cells in this study.  The scientists reprogrammed skin cells to an embryonic state. This procedure allows doctors to use the patient’s own adult stem cells to return their bodies to a more youthful state.

Mutant DNA Recycled

2. Researchers at CalTech and UCLA developed a method to repair the mutant DNA that can cause cells to age and die. Cells typically contain two types of DNA found in the mitochondria – normal mtDNA and mutant mtDNA. The study targeted mutant mtDNA for mitophagy. “Mitophagy” is a process that breaks down and recycles mitochondria in order to prevent the aging process.

The team was successful in increasing mitophagy activity in a fruit fly.  They noted a distinct reduction of mutant mtDNA in its muscle cells. The team’s next step is to determine if similar results can be accomplished in humans. The giant leap forward came when the researchers were able to target and adjust a single gene. This precise specialization eliminates unintended consequences and negative side-effects when humans undergo the treatment.

Removing Non-Performing Cells Extends Life

3. The National Institute of Aging found that combining and injecting preexisting drugs could extend the lifespan and delay age-related health issues in mice. The study focused on senescent cells. A senescent cell is an aged cell that no longer divides.

These cells do not perform well. the number of senescent cells increases with age. When these cells are present in large numbers, they can diminish overall cellular function. The Institute of Aging researchers used Dasatinib, a drug used to treat leukemia and quercetin, a plant pigment used as a food supplement to reduce allergic responses or boost immunity, in their study conducted on mice.

When treated with the medications, researchers found that senescent cells were selectively killed.  The deterioration of the speed and mobility of the mice significantly decreased. In fact, naturally aging mice treated with the drugs in the study lived 36% longer than their control group counterparts.

If similar results can be replicated in humans, it would mean that we already have available drugs that could reverse aging and lengthen our lifespans.


NAD+ Reverses Aging in Mice

4. Anti-Aging Pills: Treating Age With Medication

Researchers from the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School published a study where scientists used nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to reverse the signs of aging in mice.

NAD+ is a molecule found in cells which is crucial for maintaining healthy cell function and regulating cellular aging. In the experiment, the scientists put a few drops of NAD+ into the mice’s water. Within hours, levels of NAD+ in their cells had risen significantly. Within a week, the tissues of the NAD+-fed mice had reversed to youthful levels.
A human trial was conducted in November 2017, which showed similarly promising results. NAD+ could become a reverse aging pill that produces these effects for people too.

Diabetes Drug Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

5. Albert Einstein College of Medicine has received the first FDA approval for a clinical trial targeting aging as a disease. Until now, studies were devoted to individual diseases. Dr. Nir Barzilai, Director of the institute, successfully argued that the major risk for heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer s and cancer is aging. There is a thousandfold increase in the likelihood that someone will die from one of these diseases at 80 than at 30.

The clinical trial is for a drug that was FDA approved 60 years ago, Metformin. Metformin is a safe, cheap, generic drug that is used to treat diabetes. However, worms and mice live longer in the lab when they are given Metformin. It has also been established that Metformin prevents cardiovascular disease.

Diabetics who are taking it, live longer than their non-diabetic partners who are not. The trial will determine if metformin protects from all of the age-related diseases. If the clinical trials are successful, we could have our first FDA approved as an age-reversal pill.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the reverse aging research that is happening now. These studies do represent the direction of research toward developing new pills or medical treatments. The recent success so many projects have experienced has led to a dramatic increase in funding available for age-reversal projects.

Age-Reversal is Getting Capitalized

Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity, the new book by Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi is a layman’s guide to longevity. It investigates the new technologies and explains how to benefit from the life-extending technologies both personally and professionally. It helps readers unravel the science, offers ideas on potential investment and reveals the views of the key opinion leaders. I recommend it for everyone who wants to be healthy and wealthy!

Juvenescence: Investing in the age of longevity

Juvenescence introduces us to the greatest investment opportunity in recorded history – Science-backed Longevity

Billionaire Jim Mellon, one of the authors, is also one of the investors in the metformin clinical trials. Mellon has investments in nine biotech companies including Juvenescence AI which is focused on developing drugs that were discovered by Artificial Intelligence.

Juvenescence Limited is focused on enabling therapies to increase healthy human longevity. The team at Juvenescence Ltd. believes that recent advances in science have greatly improved our understanding of the biology of aging and seeks to develop therapeutics with the possibility of slowing, halting or potentially reversing elements of aging. Juvenescence will create or invest in new companies with aging or age-related therapeutics, in-license compounds from academia or industry, or engage in joint ventures to develop therapeutics for longevity.

Juvenescence Ltd. invested $3 million in LyGenesis, a company where scientists hope to inject liver cells into a patients’ lymph nodes and grow miniature livers there. This will eliminate the wait for a liver transplant.

Investments have gone to Insilico Medicine, a company applying machine-learning techniques to drug discovery. A joint venture between Insilico Medicine and Juvenescence AI is working to develop a “senolytic” drug that helps the body clear out cells that have stopped dividing and can damage other cells.

When commenting on all that has happened in the last seven years, Dr. Mellon states, “artificial intelligence — which didn’t exist in 2012 — is now very much in the frame for the development of new compounds. A cure for hepatitis C did not exist in 2012. Now, if you’ve got the money — and even if you don’t have the money, because drugs are coming down in price — you can be cured of hepatitis C. Cancer immunotherapy did not exist in 2012, and is fast becoming the standard of care in blood cancers and will ultimately become as important in solid tumors as well, improving cancer survival rates by a dramatic amount. And lastly, most importantly, CRISPR gene editing did not exist in 2012.”

All of these advances give confidence that dramatic life extension will happen. That confidence is being backed by investment capital worldwide as described in Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity.

In contrast to our bright future, today’s life expectancy is not advancing at the pace it did in the 1950s.

Life Expectancy in the U.S. is Dropping.

The drop in our national life expectancy has come as a result of the high number of opioid deaths that kill the young as well as the old. The improvements in life-expectancy came as a result of scientific discovery, better sanitation, better nutrition, better workplace safety, etc. Now in spite of advances, there are some who do not benefit from healthy advantages because of poverty and lack of education and lack of health coverage.

Advances in biology will make life better for everyone. Jim Mellon says, “The question then becomes: who benefits, and who doesn’t? And the answer is that a drug that will probably add eight years to average life expectancy is metformin. That will be available to everyone. There will be no one who can’t afford to take metformin. It will not be elite haves vs. have-nots”.

The advances in science and the economic climate will not be subject to politics. “So if you think about the manias that we’ve had in the last two or three years — cryptocurrencies and marijuana being the most recent and obvious ones — the fact that the science of longevity or juvenescence is catching up with the aspiration of ultra-long life, and is genuine, could actually lead to the biggest stock market mania of all time.”  Jim Mellon,

The science is already headed for approval. Universities, corporations, and joint venture teams are already planning product launches and marketing campaigns. A longer, healthier, more active and productive lifespan is just around the corner. We still have to overcome the health traps and challenges that are a part of everyday life.

The Bridge to Age 115

We know that if we fully applied our current level of knowledge and biochemistry technology, a good number of us could live to age 115. We are also aware of the diseases that are most likely to prevent us,

Cardiovascular Disease,


COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)



We have the ability to minimize the risk of these diseases with our choices. There is a lot that we can do as we wait for drugs that can rid our bodies of senescent cells or the pill that will insulate us from old age diseases.

We have more life-determining power than any generation in history through our ability to make lifestyle choices.  Choosing better means making changes.  Age-Reversal coaching can help facilitate those changes.

The Age Reversology Lifestyle

Age-Reversology is how we can remain youthful and vital as treatments and drugs to complete clinical trials, go through FDA approval and eventually become affordable. Age-Reversology is about lifestyle choices that are based on science-backed best practices.

Looking and feeling young is the result of having healthy cells. Our cells only need five things to be healthy.

  1. Hydration.
  2. Nutrition
  3. Respiration.
  4. Elimination.
  5. Relaxation.

Reversing the bodies biological age is a Mind/Body/Spirit undertaking. We begin with a ‘few best practices” for giving our cells what they need.  After supporting the body, we discover that several of our “aging issues” disappear in 30 days or less. If you would like recommendations for the first 30 days of your age-reversology lifestyle, please let me know in the comment section below

Please let me know if you found this information beneficial or if you have any questions in the comment section below.

May you Live 100 Years in Peace & Prosperity!

Coach Austin

Feb 21

About Coach Austin

By Coach Austin

The idea of getting the things I want in life by helping enough other people get what they want has always appealed to me. I proved to myself that this philosophy actually works by combining the healing art of massage with the spiritual teachings of metaphysics in a holistic treatment that I called MetaMassage. I have helped dozens of my clients heal diseases, advance their careers, earn more money and even create love relationships and marriage through regular MetaMassage treatments. Now I am taking the idea of helping others get what they want to the next level by promoting holistic practices blended with quantum science in an age-reversal lifestyle.


A few months before my fiftieth birthday, I realized that I was closer to the day I would die than I was to the day I was born. That thought scared me into a panic. I didn’t want to get sick, become ugly, no longer be able to have sex, lose my mental sharpness, have people feel sorry for me or any of the other assumptions I made about “getting old.” Those fears established a new set of priorities.

I wasn’t going to surrender without a fight. So I started a work out regimen at the gym and I began studying the aging process. Also, I applied metaphysical principles to my own experience of getting older.

Three months later, I felt great and I was in better physical shape than I was in my twenties. We all have more control over how we age than we believed. Getting my coaching certification increased my effectiveness in sharing ways to prevent premature aging.

My intention is to share ways of combining ancient wisdom with modern science to create a holistic approach to aging that delivers optimal health, satisfying relationships, fulfilling work and financial independence and freedom.


Discoveries in the new science of epigenetics prove that we are not doomed to a negative future because of our genes. Genes give us positive or negative possibilities that are determined by the environment of our cells, not our DNA. We can control the cellular environment. We can literally reverse our biological age by controlling what we think about, what we eat, how we deal with stress and how we relate to the people and circumstances in our lives.

Age-reversal is about more than genes. Science indicates the impact of our thoughts and intentions may have more to do with how young we look and feel than our diet and exercise. To incorporate the benefits of an age-reversal lifestyle it is necessary to harmonize Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Although everyone can benefit from an understanding of the components of an age-reversal lifestyle, I will focus on the 50+ generation who are in a strategic position to benefit most from exploring the elements of such a lifestyle. An age-reversal lifestyle offers my generation increased longevity and vitality.

I frequently recommend products that compliment an age-reversal lifestyle, suggest money-making projects that relieve financial stress, propose projects that empower a meaningful life purpose, and advocate activities that deepen social engagement and increase quality relationships.

If I can help you and enough others to live to age 100 in peace and prosperity, I’ll celebrate my hundredth birthday in peace with prosperity.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Coach Austin

Coach Austin

Coach Austin                              age-reverso;ogy.com



Feb 20

Anti-Aging vs. Age-Reversal

By Coach Austin

I received the certification that enables me to help people look and feel younger than the birthdate on their driver’s license in 2012. I am officially an Anti-Aging Coach Practitioner.

I loved all of the latest breakthrough scientific information I studied while I was earning my certificate.

However, I was never comfortable with the term “Anti-Aging.” To me, anti-aging sounds like someone who is against aging. We don’t want the alternative to getting older. However, we are interested in learning what we can do to reverse the biological age of our bodies.

Age Reversal is a better description of the information, techniques, and products we will explore in this blog. We will reveal the mind-body-spirit secrets to having our bodies resist the diseases and impairment of old age.

I’m delighted that you stopped by!

May you live 100 years in Peace and Prosperity

Coach Austin